Getting your home ready for photography

·      Clean everything including floors, countertops and windows.

·      Remove small rugs

·      Hide all pet items

·      Open window blinds

·      Turn off all TV and computers

·      Turn off ceiling fans


Front Exterior

·      Clean up yard including lawn, shrubs and flowers

·      Hide water hoses

·      Put away trash cans

·      Close garage doors

·      Move cars out of driveway and from the front of house


Living Room

·      Remove clutter

·      Fluff and straighten accent pillows

·      Hide remote controls

·      Turn off electronics

·      Hide kids and pet toys



·      Clear countertops

·      Remove clutter

·      Hide trashcans

·      Remove magnets and decorations from refrigerator

·      Remove towels and rugs

·      Make sure sink is empty


Dining Room

·      Remove clutter

·      Use a center piece on the table

·      Remove booster seats

·      Straighten chairs



·      Make the Bed

·      Remove clutter

·      Clean up and straighten children’s toys

·      Clean up nightstands

·      Walk in closets should be straightened



·      Remove clutter

·      Clear countertops except for décor

·      Put toilet seat down

·      Remove personal items from shower and bathtub

·      Remove bath rugs and used towels


Back Exterior

·      Remove clutter

·      Straighten furniture

·      Replace or hide faded pillows or cushions

·      Hide water and pool hoses and tools

·      Turn on pool fountains or water features

·      Remove pet waste